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Argan Infused Moisturizing Conditioner

Evolution Keratin  Argan Infused Moisturizing Conditioner

Argan Infused Moisturizing Conditioner

The Moisturizing Conditioner was developed to preserve the EvolutionProof Argan Infused Smoothing Therapy and is enriched with Argan Oil and natural proteins to create
a shield over each strand, protecting the hair while repairing any damage. The continuous use leaves the hair feeling soft, shiny, and hydrated after every wash.


  • Developed to preserve EvolutionProof’s treatments.
  • Enriched with natural proteins and Argan Oil.
  • Protects the hair while repairing the damage.


Available in

10.1 oz. (300 ml), 33.8 oz. (1000 ml)


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